Coldwell Banker Brokers of the Valley

As Your Advocate

  • What is your financial goal, and your timeline to buy/sell?
  • When would you like to be completely in/out of the property?
  • What is your timeline to be ready to view/show property?
  • May I arrange inspections for pest and structural reports that the Buyer will need? Are any repairs or renovations necessary? If so I will help.
  • Now let us decide on price, based on condition of property, and our marketing plan.
  • To get the highest price, do you need help “staging” to show your property at its best?  Furnishings?  Landscape?  Debris removal?  Storage?
  • Decide when and how I get photographs, then advertise—per our marketing plan.
  • I will schedule brokers/agents to tour your property, and show your property to my Clients.
  • I will hold public Open House for the widest possible audience, if we together decide to.
  • We will receive and consider offers, and negotiate for your objectives.
  • We will continue to protect your position until successful close of escrow.
  • I will assist you through transfer of your property, moving, or acquiring your next property, to whatever degree you need.

Quiet Success

On occasion, people have reasons to prefer that their property not be on the “open market”.

They may not wish for neighbors or colleagues to know, or they may have tenants, or even vacation rental guests.  Or for other reasons they may not want for signs or advertising.  We honor any preferences and have specific programs for achieving success “quietly”.

Financing First

In order to know your purchasing power, the first thing every Buyer should do is find out what financing you qualify for.  Even before your property search, you'll want to know what you can afford.

Besides your monthly payment, here’s a handy mortgage calculator that can show you, when you click to display ‘Amortization,' the amount of interest you pay on the loan.  This mortgage interest amount may be deducted from your income taxes.  This tax saving will effectively offset part of the mortgage payment.

Contact a lender, or more than one, and get someone in your corner that you are comfortable with, who will walk you through the process beginning to end.

When we find just the right property that suits you, attaching a letter to your purchase offer from a lender saying they approve your loan amount gives it the strength it needs to be taken seriously.  The Seller will know you can follow through.

Here are four reliable mortgage professionals who will help.  I am pleased to provide additional referrals, and to work with your lender of choice!

Wes Salter - Mortgage Loan Originator at Mortgage Solutions, Inc. or call mobile 707-815-5532

David Anderson - Loan Officer at US Bank Home Mortgage, call mobile 707-486-7243

Sean Marek - Manager at Envoy Mortgage, call mobile 707-332-8352

John Weber - Production Partner at Benchmark Mortgage call mobile 707-349-8257